Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Douglas County has been collecting digital data since the late 1980s. Our mainDouglas County GIS Logo goal, in the beginning, was to automate the assessment mapping and achieve a streamlined process for updating and sharing a common base. Then the work began.

PLSS Base & Land Ownership

We first developed a PLSS base and a land ownership dataset that was tied to the State Plane NAD27 coordinate system. All other information was built on this data set. Later the map was shifted to a State Plane NAD83 coordinate base as a whole with no adjustments.


You will notice that not everything will line up exactly due to the process of years of collecting data from different sources at different reliability factors. This website is a work in progress which will improve as new or better information is made available. The use of new technology has given us the ability to distribute information to the public in a visual manner. This is our goal! Open the DC GIS map and search the database.


The maps and information provided herein are for convenience only. Although reasonable attempts are made to maintain this interactive map as accurate as possible, these maps are being provided as an informational convenience only. Douglas County and other participating entities, will in no way be liable for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, or other deviations in these maps.

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REST Services

Douglas County GIS maintains a number of REST Services that can be connected to your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro instances. Feel free to Add Data --> Data From Path in your ArcGIS Pro map (or Add Data --> Data from ArcGIS Online for ArcMap) from the links seen below. The below links are a sampling of the REST services available online.

Common Map Data (this includes 10 layers together to function as a base map for Douglas County!)

Parcel Data:

Housepoints Data:

Roads Data:

Storm Sewer Data: