Schedule an Inspection


The Department is committed to a policy of providing 'next day' service for any inspection request made before 4 pm the previous working day, except in some limited instances. Regardless, the Department is required to perform inspections within 48 hours (two working days) of the inspection request. Due to the size of the staff, the area covered and the typical number of inspection requests it is not possible to schedule specific times for inspection appointments, but once the schedule for the day's work is set oftentimes we can estimate the time of the inspection within a two to three-hour timeframe.

A copy of the approved construction documents and the required inspection reports are required to be maintained in a conspicuous location at the building site, and available to the inspector during all inspection visits.

To Schedule Online:

Visit our Permit Portal.  Here you can search for your permit by number, address, or contractor name.   Once the permit is found click “Request an Inspection” and follow the steps.

If your permit number begins with a letter (B, E, M, MH, P) you will need to choose “Old Permit Number” in the search drop down.

To Schedule By Phone:

Dial by phone (541) 440-4284 and follow the prompts for our automated system.  View a list of inspection codes (PDF).