Military Discharge (DD 214)

No one other than the veteran, veteran's spouse, legal guardian or personal representative, county Veteran's Services Officer, representative of the Department of Veteran's Affairs or representative of a licensed funeral establishment can have access to Military Discharge (DD 214)s.

Douglas County Veterans/Representatives

You may fill out the form (PDF) in person at the County Clerk's office or fill out the online form and bring it to the County Clerk's office. Veteran: don't forget to bring valid photo ID; Representative: don't forget to bring valid photo ID and proof of relationship. 

Out of County Veterans/Representatives

If the veteran cannot appear in person, the form can be filled out online. The veteran's signature will need to be notarized and the form mailed to:
Douglas County Clerk
P.O. Box 10
Roseburg, OR 97470

If another party is requesting the copy, proof of relationship to the veteran will need to accompany the notarized request. View the Out of County Request for Military Discharge (PDF).

Veterans or their representatives are entitled to two free certified copies per request.