Property Sales

Tax Foreclosed Properties

Douglas County, through the Land Department, conducts public auctions of tax foreclosed properties approximately once each year. The timing of the auction depends upon the availability of properties.

Anyone interested in a tax foreclosed property should take caution and complete a thorough assessment of the property.  No warranty as to title is made. It is strongly suggested that bidders secure title reports to verify the condition of title and/or title insurance prior to the sale date for parcels they are interested in.  On occasion, some parcels have proven to be only errors in descriptions, gaps where surveys do not coincide or where only a partial interest may be held, and conflicts of ownership have thus arisen.  

Surplus Properties

The Land Department may have County owned surplus properties listed for sale. These properties are owned by the County.  Depending on the property, there may or may not be a warranty as to title made. Take caution and read any surplus property prospectus carefully as to how the County is selling the surplus property.

Information About Properties

Information regarding the tax-foreclosed property auction is available approximately 30 days before the auction. To receive notice of an upcoming auction contact the Land Department by EMAILING RITA and request to be included on the auction list.