Law Library

The Douglas County Law Library is open to the public and provides access to statutes, rules, cases, and other legal information through printed materials and electronic access. A computer is available for legal research. Copies are 20 cents per page. Books are for reference use only; they cannot be checked-out. Oregon law libraries receive funding based on revenues from civil action filing fees.

Security Access

Visitors to the Douglas County Law Library pass through court security. Entering this area will subject you and any of your possessions to search by the Douglas County Sheriff.

Online Catalog

View the online catalog of Douglas County Law Library books.

Staff Assistance

Staff is available to help patrons locate materials or links that may aid in an individual search.  Staff cannot provide legal advice which may include assisting with:

  • Advising patrons regarding their legal rights
  • Cases
  • Interpret statutes
  • Perform legal research
  • Preparation of forms
  • Regulations