Historic Resource Program Information

History of Douglas County

Douglas County is the fifth largest county in Oregon, with its borders stretching from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the mountains of the Cascades. The history of Douglas County is just as vast and colorful as its physical setting. Douglas County’s natural resources and pristine lands attracted a diverse group of people. From the native people who originally inhabited the valleys and the mountains of the Umpqua watershed, to the arrival of the fur traders followed by the farmers, fishermen and miners; they were all eager to harvest the bounty from the waters and lands of Douglas County. The history of our predecessors and the activities of today are both closely tied to the splendor of Douglas County.

This website has been established to assist the public in navigating through available resources linking Douglas County’s present to the past. Some funding has been provided from Oregon Parks and Recreation Department: Heritage Programs - Certified Local Government (CLG) grant.