Common Violations

The following are common violation complaints investigated by our department. Included is the title of the violation, the ordinance involved, a brief description of the violation, and perhaps a photo of a sample violation. This page is provided with the intent to illustrate what constitutes a violation.

  1. Accumulated Waste
  2. Auto Wrecking
  3. Building Without Permits
  4. Commercial Operation
  5. Manufactured Home Placement
  6. RV Being Used as a 2nd Single Family Dwelling
  7. Salvage Yard
  8. Too Many Livestock


The generator of wastes shall confine the wastes in cans, containers, boxes or other suitable receptacles pending collection and disposal of the wastes. Receptacles must be used in a manner that prevents wastes from blowing, dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping. If the wastes are to be collected by a franchisee, the wastes shall be stored for collection in accordance with policies of the franchisee that have been implemented pursuant to the ordinance.  All refuse must be disposed of within seven days.

View the Douglas County Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF).

Accumulated Waste Example - Pallets and Miscellaneous Trash

Accumulated Waste Example - Trash Piled up in a Wood Trailer

Accumulated Waste Example - Plastic Chairs and Waste Bins