Public Works

Douglas County Public Works Department consists of six divisions:

  • Administration: Administration provides direction and support to all divisions.
  • Administrative Services: The Administrative Services Division is a centralized cost accounting and budgeting division that is responsible for accounts payable/receivable, personnel/time records, and special waste permits.
  • Engineering and Construction: The Engineering and Construction Division is responsible for the design of all road and bridge projects within the County, construction contract administration, asset management, and right-of-way services.
  • Natural Resources: The Natural Resources Division is responsible for all water projects and water resources management within the County, including the operation of the Galesville and Berry Creek dams. 
  • Operations and Maintenance: The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the County road system, the County landfill, and 11 solid waste transfer stations. This includes road maintenance, signing, striping, vegetation control, solid waste operations, recycling, and the Adopt-A-Highway program. 
  • Work Crew: The Work Crew Division is responsible for parole and probation work crew operations and solid waste transfer station attendants.

Douglas County Public Works at a Glance

Responsible for:

  • 299 County-Maintained Highway Bridges
  • Approximately 1,200 miles of County-Maintained Roadway
  • County Landfill and 11 Transfer Stations
  • Galesville and Berry Creek Dams
  1. Adams-Scott_PW_DC-2021_web

    Scott Adams P.E.

    Public Works Director

  2. Administration & Administrative Services

    Physical Address
    1036 SE Douglas Avenue
    Courthouse Room 304
    Roseburg, OR 97470

    Fax: 541-440-4413

Dam Being Worked On
Road in the Woods