Swimming Pool & Spa Program

Public swimming pools and spas are either used by the general public (such as a community pool) or by a limited segment of the public (such as an apartment complex or a motel pool).

Both facilities require a license from the Health Department. Other recreational water facilities that require licenses are wading pools, spray pools, and water parks.

Public Swimming Pools

There are two types of swimming pools:

Limited use pools are operated in connection with another facility and are open to a specific section of the public, such as apartment complexes, hotels, and housing associations.

Public pools are open for any segment of the public and are typically associated with community centers, schools and recreation parks.

Public Spas

Public spas are any public swimming pool or wading pool designed primarily to direct water or air-enriched water under pressure onto the bather’s body with the intent of producing a relaxing or therapeutic effect. These may be public (open to all sections of the public, such as a community center) or limited use (open to a specific section of the public, such as a hotel).