Powerful Tools for Caregivers Training

In the years since the Powerful Tools For Caregivers (PTC) program was conceived, a great deal of research, evaluation and revision has been done to ensure its continued value and success. The 6-week PTC class has been shown to have a positive impact on caregiver health for a diverse group of caregivers including:

  • Adult children of aging parents
  • Caregivers at differing stages in their caregiving role
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Financial and educational backgrounds
  • Living situations
  • Rural
  • Well-spouses

Class Data

Data from class participant evaluations indicates:

  • Significant improvement in behaviors: increase exercise, use of relaxation techniques and health self-care
  • Improved emotions, including reduced anger, guilt and depression
  • Increased self-confidence in coping with caregiving demands
  • Increase us of community services

Program Standards

PTC is based on the highly successful Chronic Disease Self-Management Program developed by Dr. Kate Lorig at Stanford University's Patient Education Research Center. These classes are free to all family caregivers, donations accepted for the cost of the book.

For a brief description of what is covered in each class Training Classes (PDF) or other Workshop Locations. Next Workshop is in the Spring of 2018.

Attendees Commentary

Attendees have commented:

  • "I am grateful for having participated in this course. I now have the tools to handle my situation in caring for both my husband and brother."
  • "I hope to refer to this course (Powerful Tools for Caregivers) and the book for wisdom during many of life's challenges."
  • "There was a common bond. We were all dealing with some of the same issues. We shared our stories and learned ways to cope. I learned it was important to take care of me."