Wildfire Ash & Debris Waste Removal Program

Next Step in Debris Removal Assistance for Affected Property Owners of the 2020 Archie Creek Fire

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners wanted to let you know that we are now moving onto the next phase of debris removal for those residents with affected property from the 2020 Archie Creek Wildfire. Now, affected property owners may qualify for assistance in the Step 2: Private Property Ash and Debris Removal Program. Affected property owners can complete the Right of Entry Release form to apply for the Step 2: Private Property Ash and Debris Removal program.

Step 2

The Step 2: Right of Entry release form is required in order to allow public officials to clean wildfire ash and debris from private properties, as a part of a special program instituted by the county, state and federal government to help residents during their wildfire recovery. The deadline for submitting your Step 2: Ash and Debris Removal - Right of Entry application is Monday, November 30, 2020.

Environmental Protection Agency Contractors

Teams from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their contractors are on site in Douglas County beginning Step 1: Household Hazardous Waste Phase of the cleanup process. 

Please note: That the previously mentioned Step 2: Private Property Ash and Debris Removal program is a separate program from the Step 1: Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) removal program and requires a separate Right of Entry form to be completed. If you still have questions or need to fill out your application or ROE for the Step 1: HHW removal program, please call 541-440-6011.

Right of Entry Form

Please make sure to review the Right of Entry Form carefully, so you understand your obligations in that regard. If you have any questions regarding this program or filling out the form, please call the Douglas County Information number at: 541-440-6011 or Oregon Right of Entry Processing Center Help Line at: 682-800-5737. 

Please note: A copy of your Homeowners Insurance Declaration page must be provided if you carry insurance on your property. If you are unable to complete the form online, we have provided a list of other options for completing the form in order to participate in this program in the box on the right.

Self Clean Up

If you choose to perform the cleanup yourself, the cleanup costs may come out of a lump sum settlement and likely cost property owners more. Challenges could also exist with the available disposal areas pending the type of debris. We encourage you to please complete the organized and comprehensive process of filling out the Step 2: Private Property Ash and Debris Removal, Right of Entry Release form, and allowing the cleanup process to move forward.

Opting Out

Also, if you choose not to participate in the Step 2: Private Property Ash and Debris Removal cleanup program, we ask that you please let us know that by checking the, 'I wish not to participate box', then signing and sending it back to us, so we do not bother you again. Responses will need to be back to us by November 30th.

Thank you for your time and patience as we work together during the cleanup, recovery, and rebuilding process.