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Douglas County Parks Department has a variety of volunteer opportunities to allow you to assist the parks you love and cherish so much. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at one of our parks, please contact the Department at 541-957-7001 and say “I want to volunteer”.

Campground HostCampground Hosts

We have volunteer hosts who stay at a park in their recreational vehicles and assist the Department in routine maintenance while being an ambassador for the Department to our patrons. These positions are generally in campgrounds or larger day use parks. Work assignments are generally for 3 to 6 months and we encourage hosts to experience many of our different parks. While we have hosts year round in our parks, there is generally a need for more hosts during the summer months when use is higher.

For more information, view the document links below or contact the Department directly:

Adopt-A-Park - Kanipe-Roseburg Equestrian TrailsAdopt-a-Park Program

The Douglas County Parks Department is responsible for maintaining 56 developed park sites located throughout our vast, beautiful county. The attractiveness of many of the smaller parks located in outlying areas can be enhanced with the assistance of citizens and organizations willing to donate their time and efforts in support of park maintenance programs. The Adopt-A-Park program serves to:

  • Build a positive image for the individual, their organization and Douglas County.
  • Educate the public about park maintenance activities.
  • Intensify the maintenance and cleanliness of adopted Parks.

If you are interested in the Adopt-A-Program please review the Program Guide and submit an application (PDF) to the Parks Department.

Program Documents

Volunteers Dig up the GroundVolunteer Events or Individual Volunteering

If you want to volunteer for a day as part of a group or as an individual, we have opportunities for that as well. We host volunteer work parties and have others hold volunteer work parties at our parks. Contact the Department to learn more about these opportunities.