When Will I Be Able to Inspect or Receive Copies of the Documents?

Public records requests are processed in the order in which they are received.  If the requestor submits more than one public records request, we will process and complete the first request before proceeding with any additional request(s).  Per Oregon Revised Statutes 192.329, the County has five business days to initially respond to your request (unless extenuating circumstances exist). Our initial written response will be a confirmation of receipt of your public records request, a notification that we are not the custodians of these records, an explanation of where the records are already publicly available or a request for more information about your request.  It will be followed by a ten business day response window, in which we will respond with the documents that are available, a request for submitter to narrow the scope of their request, a proposed timeline for receipt of records and/or an estimate of the cost responsive to their request.  We try to be as responsive as possible and make every attempt to close the request in a prompt manner.  If there is a fee associated with the request, the requestor has 60 days to pay the fee or the records request will be closed.  

Exceptions to the timeline established by ORS 192.324 do not apply to a public body if compliance would be impracticable because:

  1. The staff or volunteers necessary to complete a response to the public records request are unavailable.
  2. Compliance would demonstrably impede the public body’s ability to perform other necessary services.
  3. A large volume of public records requests being simultaneously processed by the public body.
  4. For purposes of this section, staff members or volunteers who are on leave, vacation or are not scheduled to work is considered to be unavailable.
  5. A public body that cannot comply with the time periods established by ORS 192.324 for a reason listed above shall, as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay, acknowledge a public records request and complete the response to the request.

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