What are the Guidelines for Public Records Requests?

Most records are available for public inspection, except those that require review or redaction by legal counsel prior to inspection.   All records in our custody remain the property of Douglas County government. Requestors are not allowed to alter, add or remove anything from these records.  Requestors may not photograph documents. Allowing the inspection and/or copying of public records in the custody of Douglas County is not meant to waive or restrict any    If and when prudent, legal review will need to take place. 

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1. How Do I Submit a Public Records Request?
2. What is a Public Record?
3. What are the Guidelines for Public Records Requests?
4. Are There Any Public Records That I May Not Inspect or Copy?
5. What if I Have a Question About the Contents of a Public Document?
6. When Will I Be Able to Inspect or Receive Copies of the Documents?
7. What Will it Cost to Obtain the Documents That I Seek?
8. When Must I Pay the Fee Associated with My Request?
9. What if I Have a Request for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office?
10. What if I Need Copies of Criminal Records, Court Documents, Citations, Custody Cases, Divorce Papers or Arrest Records?
11. What is Your Policy on Public Records Requests?