How does ownership change?

Ownership is generally changed via a document recorded with the County Clerk’s office. Call the office at 541-440-4324 for more information. We receive copies of those recordings and identify the property being transferred from the legal description on the deed and check the title of record with the new document. Allow approximately four weeks for changes to appear in our records. Ownership can also be changed through a court action:

  • Divorce - Bring in or mail a copy of the Final Decree and if applicable the Property Settlement Agreement.
  • Lawsuit - Bring in or mail a copy of the Final Decree, Order or Judgment, signed by the judge.
  • Probate - Bring in or mail a copy of the Final Decree of Distribution.
  • Small Estates - Bring in or mail a copy of the Affidavit or Heirship and the death certificate.

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